What is a beta version?

Before a new app or a new feature is published in the Partner Area, it goes through various development stages. The beta version refers to the stage in which the majority of the features have already been implemented and can be tested. However, the development is not yet one hundred percent complete. A beta version can mean:

  • some functions are still missing
  • some functions are not yet available in their full capacity
  • the new app or feature has not yet undergone user testing

What is the point of a beta version?

A beta version tests whether a new app or a new feature actually works the way developers imagined it to, and whether users' expectations are being met. This is what we’re really interested in: Does the new feature in the app or in the Partner Area help you design products or increase your sales? We take note of your feedback, incorporating it directly into any further developments and eventually into the final version.

However, we’d like to point out that we are not offering you an ‘unfinished’ product for testing. Beta versions come in the form of a closed and an open version. The open beta is aimed at end users, e.g. you. The closed beta precedes the open beta and is tested by the employees of the developing company – i.e. by us. Of course, we try to iron out any big mistakes before the end users have a go. Thanks for taking part!

SpreadApp Beta

The beta version of SpreadApp is a new approach. In the future, it will take over more and more features from the Partner Area. We're using the SpreadApp to see if and how functions from the Partner Area can also be displayed on the smartphone. This is not always easy due to the limited size and different operation of a touchscreen. That's why we're all the more interested in your feedback on SpreadApp beta. And if a function is not yet implemented in the app, please switch over to the Partner Area.

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