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Your Shop is all set, you’ve read our tips and tricks, but your sales don’t meet your expectations? Then your Shop traffic is probably quite low – and you’ll need to come up with ways to get more visitors to your Shop. We’ll show you how to generate more traffic.

Where are my Shop visits recorded?

To see how often your shop has been visited, check your Traffic Statistics in the Partner Area. Only condition: your Shop needs to be activated.

How often has your Shop been visited?

In the traffic statistics, you can choose between two different methods of recording: Visits and Unique Visitors.

  • Visits are used to count how often the start page or individual sub-pages of your Shave been visited within a certain period of time. If somebody visit your Shop three times in one day, three visits are counted.
  • Unique Visitors are clearly identifiable visitors. These are only counted once, no matter how many times they visit your Shop in a given period. Anyone who visits your Shop URL three times appears as a unique visitor in your traffic statistics.

Where your Shop visitors come from

The traffic statistics show you where your Shop visitors come from. The stats also tell you which pages they visited before they came to your shop. Six different sources can be distinguished here:

  • Social Networks: Shows you how many of your Shop visits were directed via a link from social media. These can be links that you or someone else has shared on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram & others.
  • Organic: If someone clicks on a link to your Shop in Google search results, these links generate "organic traffic". You can increase this type of traffic by optimizing your Shop pages for search engines (SEO).
  • Paid: If you place Google Ads for certain search terms and someone gets directed to your Shop via these "paid links", then these visits are counted as paid traffic.
  • Referral: If a visitor gets on to your Shop via a link from another website, this traffic is called "referral". These can be links that you have set up yourself (e.g. on your blog) or someone else who liked your Shop and then linked it.
  • Others: If Shop visits cannot be assigned to any category, they are counted as "Other". This could be e.g. links from e-mails, newsletters or the Partner Area.

Please note that only Shop users who have agreed to the use of cookies in your Shop will be counted. Since not everyone agrees to the use of cookies, the actual number of Shop visits will in all likelihood always be higher than the traffic statistics show.

How can I increase my traffic?

To increase your traffic, you have to do one thing: make your shop better known. The best way to do this is to promote your Shop and your products – and you don't need to be a marketing professional to do that. In your Partner Area, there are lots of tools that support you in creating quick and easy teasers for your social networks or newsletters – and this is the quickest and most effective way to make your Shop better known.

Advertise with discount campaigns!

Draw attention of new and potential customers to your Shop with discount campaigns. Every month we provide you with several freely selectable discount promotions for your marketing activities. To find out how to use discount campaigns more effectively – and how these influence your pay – click here.

Create product and discount teasers!

A picture paints a thousand words. Use the social media sharing tool in your Partner Area to create teaser images of products or individual discount promotions with just a few clicks, which you can then share on your social networks. You don't need any knowledge of Photoshop or similar tools, because the teasers are automatically tailored to fit Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. You can find out exactly how this works here.

Optimize your metadata!

For your designs and products to be found on Google and other search engines, they need to have unique and individual metadata. If organic traffic to your Shop is low, you should take a good look at your metadata and possibly optimize it.

Market products on Google and Meta!

To increase traffic from social networks, you can also market your products on Google, Facebook and Instagram. To do this, use your Shop's product feed and connect it to Google's Merchant Center and Facebook's Commerce Manager.

A connection to the Merchant Center and the Commerce Manager are also the prerequisites for placing ads on Google and Meta. Paid ads will most likely increase paid traffic to your Shop.

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