Sustainable orders with Spreadshop

Spreadshop helps you turn your ideas into great products. Get started in no time and sell merch through your free shop. Always risk-free, because we only print the merchandise when it’s been purchased. Good for you and good for the environment: Read more about Spreadshop's sustainable business model here.

Sustainable production with print on demand

Spreadshop is a Spread Group brand, the largest print on demand provider in Europe. Spread Group prints products at its five locations according to individual wishes – for example, with the designs and logos from your Shop.
What makes us special: We only produce goods on-demand, which is good for you and for the environment. For you Spreadshop is completely risk-free, because you don't have to pay anything and you can earn money without any expenses. Compared to conventional off-the-shelf products, you not only get a highly personalised product, but also a particularly sustainable one.

  • We don’t ever produce on stock, and in doing so avoid producing overstock we won’t be able to sell (and that would need to be discarded).
  • We use the best digital direct printers on the market, featuring completely non-toxic and 100% biodegradable inks for waterless printing.
  • We ensure particularly durable products with comprehensive quality controls. Wash ten times, dry, iron – if a new product doesn't pass our quality tests with flying colours, it doesn't make it into our assortment.
  • We produce completely paperless, saving over 8 million sheets of paper per year, equivalent to about 767 trees.
  • We give your customers exact measurements and size recommendations for all our products, so that their new favourite items fit perfectly and won’t need to be returned.

Growing organic and fair trade assortment

In your Shop, customers can filter according to various product characteristics, including of course organic quality or fair trade items. Organic and fair trade products have been proven to have a smaller environmental and social footprint than conventionally produced products, as these actively help protect the environment and improve working conditions. Our share of sustainably-produced textiles is already over 14 percent in Europe and 9 percent in North America, and this will continue to increase in the future. As a company, we require ourselves and our suppliers to comply with a code of conduct and provide transparent information about the certificates and seals of our products.

And it doesn’t stop there!

We are always and constantly working on making our production and our everyday work more sustainable. This includes covering part of the electricity requirements in our production facilities and in our Leipzig headquarters with solar power, regularly supplying our employees with fresh organic fruit and vegetables, or recycling and donating returned goods. All corporate decisions are monitored by a sustainability council and reviewed for the impact on our eco-balance.

Packaging shipments are now on the sustainability test bench. Currently we ship your order – depending on the quantity – either with paper or plastic shipping bags or in cardboard boxes. In Europe, this packaging mix already consists of 69 percent fully biodegradable or recyclable materials, and 89 percent in North America. We will reduce the amount of plastic shipping bags and replace them with a holistic solution that will lower carbon footprint even more.

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