Promote products with Hubspot

Already using Hubspot to reach out to your target group? Then our Hubspot integration for your Spreadshop is just the thing for you. Create your own product and discount teasers directly in your Shop without additional software. Then upload them to Hubspot with a single click.

Create teaser

First, log into your Spreadshop and go to Marketing > Social Media Sharing in the shop settings. Then choose whether you want to share a product or a discount teaser.

Discount Teaser

  • Select a discount promotion,
  • add your own text,
  • choose a background.

Product Teaser

  • Select a design, a product type, and a view;
  • add a personalised headline and your branding;
  • choose a background.

In the next step, you will see a preview of your teaser. Instead of downloading these teasers and posting them individually to your social networks, proceed to upload them directly to Hubspot.

Upload Teaser to Hubspot

Just click on "Upload to Hubspot". You may need to log in to Hubspot and select the account you want to share the teasers with. Uploading will take place automatically in the background. You can then find your product and discount teasers on Hubspot in Marketing > Files & Templates > Files. Then share them on your social networks as usual.

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