Upload product feed to Google

Market your Spreadshop products on Google with just a few clicks. All you need is your product feed and access to the Google Merchant Center, which you can register for: here.

Where can I find my product feed

What a product feed is and what it does, we’ll tell you here. You can find it in your Shop settings inMarketing > Google > Google Merchant Center at the very bottom of the page.

Copy the default link if you have integrated your Shop into your website (recommend) or if you run it as a standalone Shop. If you have integrated your Shop via pushState, we will also provide you with a link.

Add product feed to Merchant Center

Log into the Merchant Center, go to Products > Feeds, and add your product feed by clicking on the plus sign:

  1. Choose your sales territory and language.
  2. Choose your destinations. We recommend you to use all the options.
  3. Give your feed a name, click "Scheduled fetch" and determine how often you want your feed to be updated.
  4. Finally, paste your previously copied product feed into the "File URL" field and click "Create feed".


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