Why do I need a product feed?

A product feed is a file that contains all the important information about the articles in your Shop. It starts with the product name, properties such as sizes and colours as well as the corresponding product images. If you link your product feed with third-party providers such as Facebook Business Manager, Instagram Shopping or Google's Ads advertising platform, you can increase the reach of your Shop items with just a few clicks and create largely automated advertisements.

What are the advantages of the product feed?

You save a lot of time since you no longer need to copy and paste links to each and every product. This way, it’s easy to do your Shop marketing on social networks. Just access the products in your product feed. This works just as comfortably as tagging people in photos. Your users can see the most important product information at a click of the button to find their way directly to your Shop. We show you how to connect the product feed with the different platforms in the respective step-by-step instructions for:

What’s more, the effort required to create advertisements is reduced enormously. Google ads or Facebook ads already know your Shop products, including all links and product images. You only need to complete the ad texts. And you’re readay to go!

How do I update my product feed?

Your product feed updates automatically – whether you add new products to your Shop or remove individual items. Every change is immediately applied to your feed and synchronised with third-party sites, depending on the update schedule.

Which platforms are supported?

Our product feed is a one-size-fits-all solution. It is designed so that you can easily use the most important advertising formats and functions of Google and Facebook.

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