Upload a product feed to Facebook

Your product feed makes it easy to market your Spreadshop products on Facebook. Before uploading your product feed, you should connect your Shop to the Meta Business Manager. You can do this with just one click in your Shop settings: Marketing > Facebook & Instagram. Click on the "Connect with Business Manager" button and enter your Facebook login details. As soon as your Shop is connected to Facebook, you're ready to go.

How do I upload my product feed to Facebook?

You upload your product feed in the Commerce Manager of Facebook Business. First up, create a new catalog with "Create a Catalog". Your catalogue will then get filled with the data from the Shop, i.e. with your product feed.

How do I add a catalogue on Facebook?

Adding a catalogue in Commerce Manager of Facebook Business only takes a minute.

  1. First select the catalog type "E-commerce".
  2. Under "Configure settings" click on the option "Upload Product Info".
  3. Select your verified shop as "Catalog Owner", name your catalog and then click on "Create".

Now you can "View Catalog". It's still empty - time to fill it with your product feed.

How do I upload my product feed to the catalog?

Uploading your product feed in the Commerce Manager of Facebook Business is also easily done in a couple of minutes.

  1. Click on "Data sources" in the menu under "Catalog".
  2. Select the "Data feed" to add articles and click on "Next".
  3. Fill your catalog faster by adding items in bulk the bulk upload section, you choose "Scheduled feed" as an upload option.
  4. After clicking on "Next", enter your feed URL using Copy & Paste. You don’t need to fill in any login data here.
  5. In your update schedule, you define how often Facebook should reload your product feed. It is a good idea to activate the option "Add automatic updates".
  6. Enter a name for your data source, select the default currency of your product feed and click on "Upload" to finalize it. Done.

Where can I find my feed URL?

You can find your feed URL in your shop admin under Shop Settings > Marketing > Facebook & Instagram > Facebook Business Manager.

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