Sharing Product Images on Facebook

Facebook marketing will turn your followers into new customers. Unfortunately, sharing your products on Facebook may result in faulty image displays, meaning your products don’t get the limelight they deserve. Facebook’s image crawler is at fault.

When does it happen?

If you – or a friend of yours – shares a product link on Facebook, the preview of your post (and the post itself) will only show meta data, not the product photos.

What’s the problem?

Facebook’s crawler doesn't know your images, meaning these images have never been posted or shared before. This is when Facebook displays an empty standard preview instead. Pages with very high traffic and high sharing rates seem to be less affected by this behaviour.

What’s the solution?

To get around the problem with Facebook's image crawler, two solutions are available. If you have integrated your Shop into a website, only the second solution works for you.

  • View the product in the Spreadshop you want to share. Click on the Facebook share icon and remember to close the window that now opens. Even if you cancel the sharing feature, the product photos are still processed in Facebook's databases. That way, they will be available the next time you want to share them. You can now click on the icon to share your images. In case it shouldn’t work, try closing Facebook and start over again.
  • Alternatively, you can work around the problem if you do without the "share feature” and create an independent post directly on Facebook. The best way to insert your product images is to copy and paste them directly into the post. All the content will then be displayed correctly. You should use this workaround if you run an integrated shop. You can also use Placeit's service to get the best out of your products for social-media sharing.

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