Tag Shop products on Facebook

Use your Facebook account to sell your Spreadshop products. It will help you address your target group even better and increase your sales. All you need to do is tag Shop products in your Facebook posts.

Link accounts

In case you haven't done it yet, link your product feed to your Facebook page first. Find out how that works here. The product feed gives you direct access to all your products and in all available colors on Facebook.

Upload photos and tag products

After creating a new post on your Facebook page, you can upload a photo with your Shop products using the "Add something else to your post" option.

Write a suitable text for your post and scroll back to the "Add something else to your post" option. Now click on the "Shopping" icon to mark your products.

Now tag the product in the image you uploaded. Then link it to the corresponding product from your product feed. You can tag several products in one photo.

Shopping for products

Your new post has your products tagged so that your followers can click on them. If they do so, they get directed straight to your Spreadshop.

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