Google Tracking

Your Spreadshop offers you the option to analyse the behavior of your Shop visitors in order to optimize your Shop accordingly. See how well your designs are received and understand your audience better. What’s more, you can look at how many of your visitors start an order process and how many actually complete it, i.e. how good your conversion rate is.

Enable Google tracking

If you already use Google Analytics, your Spreadshop can easily be connected to it. In your Shop settings, we provide you with an interface under Marketing > Google, which you can activate in just three steps:

  • Activate Google Analytics with one click.
  • Follow these instructions when you set up Google Analytics for your Shop for the first time
  • Use this wizard if you have already set up a Universal Analytics property and want to update it to the modern Google Analytics 4 property (GA4).
  • Finally, go to the property settings, copy your Tracking ID and paste it into your shop settings under Google Analytics.

Don't forget to accept the changes so that your Google tracking can be activated. You’ll usually see the first generated data in your Analytics account within 24 hours.

Can I adjust the tracking myself?

Google Analytics is a professional tracking & analysis tool. We simply provide the interface and can only provide support for this interface and the Shop integrations it provides. For further questions about tracking or options beyond our integration, please contact Google directly. More information on installation can be found here.

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