Why is Spreadshop free?

Spreadshop is free of charge. Always and without hidden costs. And still you earn money by selling your Merch. We’ll explain to you here how this works:

The margin goes to you

Your margin determines how much you want to earn with each product sold. This amount goes to you entirely. The only exception is a promo campaign — here we share the costs.

The base price goes to us

We cover our costs through the base price for the individual products and the flat rate for printing costs. A print area is already included in the base price. If a customer uses additional print areas when personalising a product with the Customize Tool, the customer will be charged 100% of these costs.

Spreadshop is your Jack of all Trades

Spreadshop offers a free solution for your online Shop, fulfilment and customer service ― completely free of charge. And we couldn’t do it without you and your followers, team or group members. The sales you make to your target group are what makes the whole thing work. Sound like a win-win situation? Exactly!

In a nutshell, this is our business model and the reason why you can run your Spreadshop completely free of charge.

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