Your margin

The margin you set defines how much you earn with each product sold. Add your margin to the fixed base price of each product to determine the retail price (Shop settings > Pricing & Promos > Shop pricing). When you sell a product, the margin will be credited to your account, and the base price goes to Spreadshop.

You are completely free to set your margin. Try out different amounts when setting your margin to find out which retail prices work best for your target group.

Your margin in detail

Each product has a fixed base price. This base price includes the costs for the product and one print area. If a customer adds another design or print area with the Customize Tool, your margin won’t change. The additional costs are simply added to the retail price.

Calculation and payment of your margin

Your balance is calculated per calendar month. The payout of your balance will then be made within 15 working days as per the data submitted for payments processing.

You can always see the summary of your current balance in your statistics. Taxes may apply depending on the region where you sell. The taxed amount won’t show in the sales statistics, as it will only be calculated at the end of the accounting month. Under sales you’ll see your gross earnings, under balance your net earnings.

If you’ve activated promo campaigns for your Spreadshop to boost your sales, we’ll share the costs. You can read up on how this works in our Promo Campaigns FAQ.

Important: Your earnings are in principal subject to VAT. Earnings need to be declared to tax authorities. Refer to the Taxation of Your Earnings FAQ for more info.

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