What products are displayed on YouTube merch shelf?

You can display a total of 12 different products among your YouTube videos and choose from up to 250 Spreadshop products. This article will show you how to diversify the order of your YouTube products.

Sorting the Spreadshop product list

Your product list determines which products appear in your YouTube videos. You can submit up to 250 products to YouTube in total. You can set up the combination of your designs and products like this:

  • Of your product types, there will be a transfer of max. 12 to YouTube. You can set up the order of the product types here: Page Settings > Product List Page > Sort product types. If you have activated several colors for a product type, we’ll send the product to YouTube in the standard color of your choice.
  • The order of your designs is also determined by your product list: Designs: Page Settings > Product List Page > Sort designs. The designs are submitted to YouTube separately until a maximum of 250 products is reached. This means that if you have only a few product types activated for your designs, more designs can be transferred to YouTube. Once you’ve activated the maximum number of product types for your designs, the 21th design in your product list will be the final one.

All your designs and products submitted to YouTube will eventually be displayed in the YouTube merch shelf under "My Items".

Varying the assortment on YouTube

Adjust the display of your merchandise – directly in YouTube Studio. Click on the monetization tab, go to Spreadshop and change the product order. In addition, you can assign individual products to specific videos to offer your followers exactly the right products. Or you can completely disable the merchandising area for individual videos. In "Displayed items" you can check which products are currently sold under your videos.

If you do not determine the order of the products yourself, the best selling product will appear first. What’s more, preference is given to those products that were newly imported in the last 10 days.

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