Choose the right region for your Spreadshop

Choose between two regions to have your merchandise printed for YouTube: in the USA or in Europe. This brings you and your subscribers many advantages:

  • fast delivery times and low shipping costs
  • country-specific languages and currencies for your customers
  • fitting top-level domains for your Spreadshop

It’s a good idea to choose the region where most of your followers live. Apart from the environment, you benefit most from short shipping distances. Regardless of this, we will of course ship your products to almost every country in the world, no matter where they are produced.

Global business, locally produced

Spreadshop is a global print-on-demand service provider with production sites in Europe and the USA. No matter where you are in the world, we’ll do our best to offer exceptional product quality and service.

This starts with your Shop website. Spreadshop is available in 12 languages and 10 currencies. If you don’t know where most of your followers live, take a look at your YouTube statistics. There you can find which countries your fans log in from.

North & South America, the Pacific and Africa

If the majority of your YouTube followers are at home here, you should open your Spreadshop on our American platform. Your orders are then produced at one of our two locations in the USA. From there, other shipping regions such as the Pacific region, Oceania and Africa are supplied. Your customers not only benefit from low shipping costs and fast delivery times, but also from a tailor-made Shop website. With matching top level, local language and three currencies.

Country Top-level domain Language Currency
USA .com English USD
Canada .ca English CAD
Canada .ca French CAD
Australia English AUD

Europe, Asia and the Middle East

If your followers are mainly from Europe or Asia, then you should choose our European platform. Here your orders are manufactured and shipped in the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany. You can choose between 15 top-level domains, seven currencies and eleven languages for your Spreadshop.

Country Top-level domain Language Currency
Belgium .be Dutch/ French EUR
Denmark .dk Danish DKK
Germany .de German EUR
Finland .fi Finnish EUR
France .fr French EUR
UK English GBP
Ireland .ie English EUR
Italy .it Italian EUR
Netherlands .nl Dutch EUR
Norway .no Norwegian NOK
Austria .at German EUR
Poland .pl Polish PLN
Switzerland .ch German/ French/ Italian CHF
Spain .es Spanish EUR
Sweden .se Swedish SEK

Help! My followers are at home everywhere

If your YouTube fans are spread all over the world and you can't decide on a region, we recommend opening a Shop on both platforms. In the Shop settings ("Advanced" > "Language and currency") you can link your Shops on both platforms. This is how you reach your full potential to connect with as many followers as possible. Connect one of the two Shops to your YouTube channel and your fans will be automatically redirected to the Shop that suits them best.

However, opening a Shop on both platforms also means you should be sure to upload your designs to both Shops. So far there is no possibility to copy designs and settings between your Shops.

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