Create YouTube merchandise products

Choose from over 140 products to create merchandise for your YouTube channel. From clothing for women, men or children in different qualities to accessories and home & living products, there is something for every one of your followers.

Upload designs

Your design is already optimized for printing? Perfect! Drag and drop it into the upload window or use the upload function of your browser. We support all common file formats.

Then select your Spreadshop as your sales channel and click on "Edit product selection". Now, you’ll have your product done in three easy steps:

  • Choose products
  • Edit products
  • Describe design

1. Choose products

First, decide on which products you want to sell your designs. Choose the products that best fit your videos or target audience. The main and sub-categories for men, women, children, accessories or home & living can be completely selected or deselected with one click. When your product selection is complete, you can edit each product individually in the next step.

2. Edit products

The following editing options are available to you with a click on each individual product:

  • Customise designs on the product
  • Change product color
  • Choose print area

Customize designs on the product

On clothing, most designs work best when placed in the middle and at chest height. Use the guides to align the design both horizontally and vertically. Make sure that detailed designs are shown as large as possible on smaller products such as coasters, mugs or caps. Then the design details come out best.

Change product color

The standard color determines in which color the product is displayed on YouTube or in your shop view. Make sure your designs always look their best to make your followers happy! Avoid light designs on white items and dark designs on black items. Simply deactivate the corresponding colors or use our product templates for light and dark designs.

Choose print area

Now choose your print areas. Depending on the product, up to four print areas are available: front, back, left and right. Please note: The base price contains only one print area. Each additional print area incurs an additional €4.50. This increases the retail price accordingly. So, consider what is important to your target group: Design, message or price. Your margin won't change.

Tip: You can save your settings in a product template to reuse them in the future. It will help you speed up the creation of new products and saves a lot of time.

3. Describe design

Almost done: As a final and very important step, you should describe the design as accurately as possible to help Google and other search engines find your Shop designs. Let the metadata speak for itself and give your design an appropriate name, description and keywords.

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