Requirements for the YouTube merch shelf

The YouTube merch shelf allows you to sell your Spreadshop products directly below your videos on YouTube. You must meet the following requirements to use the YouTube merch shelf:

  • Your channel has more than 1,000 subscribers
  • Your channel is approved for "monetization”
  • Your channel is not marked as made for kids
  • The YouTube partner program is available in your region

What can I do if I don’t meet the requirements?

You can still open a Spreadshop and sell your fan merch, even without the YouTube merch shelf. Spreadshop is 100% free, no strings attached. And you’ll make money on every sale. Just link to your Spreadshop in your video description.

We produce your Spreadshop products print-on-demand. Every order is printed directly and immediately after the order has been placed – no matter whether it concerns 1, 10 or 100 items.

You can concentrate on your content and take care of your community – we’ll do the rest: order processing, production, shipping and customer service.

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