What data is transmitted to YouTube?

If you offer Spreadshop products through your YouTube merchandising area, Spreadshop will share data with Google about the products you have created, your shop ID, sales information, and performance reports on your Spreadshop(s).

This includes in particular

(a) Spreadshop will use Google Analytics or a similar analysis tool to track your YouTube sales and share relevant metrics in real-time (or near real-time) via Google Analytics e-commerce reports (see Enhanced Ecommerce reports and future URLs thereof) with Google. This applies to all sales in your Spreadshops that are linked to YouTube and includes

  • income less shipping, taxes, returns and other deductions
  • the number of transactions
  • the number of meetings
  • the conversion rate from sessions to transactions

(b) Spreadshop may provide Google with additional information regarding sales in your Spreadshop, such as cancellations, returns or chargebacks.

(c) Google may disclose the information provided by Spreadshop to you and your agents. Google may e.g. display the turnover achieved with your Spreadshop. Google may also combine data shared by Spreadshop with other data to show you a summary of your total earnings.

By connecting your Spreadshop to YouTube, you declare your revocable consent to such data transfer. Further information on data protection can be found in Spreadshirts’s Privacy Policy.

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