Model photos and promo material for your Shop

You need model photos, product photos or mock-ups for your Spreadshop? Then you've come to the right place. We’ll show you where to find the right tools, photos, and how to use them properly.

Create your own social media teaser

With our Social Media Sharing Tool, you can create your own teasers for your Shop products or promo campaigns in no time at all. For Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest - the tool generates the teasers in the correct format so you can share them directly to your social accounts with your smartphone.

The Social Media Sharing Tool can be found in your Shop settings (Marketing > Social Media Sharing). To create a product teaser, first select the design you want to use for advertising. Then decide on a product type. You will only see product types that you offer in your Shop. Select a product view and customize the product teaser with your own headline, branding and background.

Teasers for promo campaigns can also be perscustomized. First select the discount promotion you want to apply. Add your own text and adjust the branding or background.

In the last step, you can download your product and promo teasers for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Or share them directly with your smartphone. To do this, switch on your smartphone camera to scan the QR code, either with your Android or iOS device. The code will be automatically recognized and the teaser displayed (you may need to install a QR code reader app). Tap on "Share Now" to share the content with your phone.

Download Shop Photos

If you’re very familiar with Photoshop or similar software, you can create promotional materials without our Social Media Sharing. You are welcome to use our model and product photos - just as you are used to in your Shop. On our Flickr page you can find well over 1,000 photos for free. As a Shop Owner, you can use these photos as you wish for your social media activities or your website. This also applies to the model and product photos on your Shop's detail page, which you can download via right click and use for your own marketing ideas.

Model photos and mock-ups

If you don't have enough time or you’re afraid that your graphic skills are insufficient, we have a special offer for you: Placeit. Placeit lets you create your own designs, mock-ups as well as promo videos with just a few clicks. It offers a super professional presentation of your Shop assortment.

You can choose from a wealth of professional photos. There are kids’ models as well as women and men of all ages for you to place your own designs on. Just upload your design, slide it into position on the mock-up and choose a product color that you like. Then download the mock-up and use it for your next marketing idea. Use these images for your social networks, newsletters, Shop homepage, About Us section or Shop teaser. Your promo materials created with Placeit can be used on all platforms. As a Shop Owner you will receive an exclusive discount of 20% on the regular Placeit subscription.

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