Earn money with YouTube Merchandise

YouTube merch shelf lets you sell your Shop products right below your videos on YouTube. Free and without any risks. If you do not have a Spreadshop yet, open your free shop here.

No hidden costs.

YouTube Merchandise offer you an additional way to make your channel even more attractive for your fans. It won’t impact your other YouTube revenue streams. The same is true for all YouTube partner programs and your Adsense account.

Your fans, your Shop, your prices

You set your own prices. This means that you can directly influence your earnings through YouTube Merchandise. Every product in your Spreadshop has a fixed Base Price. Set the retail price for each product individually in the Shop settings (Prices & Promos > Shop pricing). A print area is already included in the basic price. The difference between retail price and base price is your margin. Your margin determines your earnings.

You can also pass on our regular promo campaigns to your fans. These are e.g. free shipping or 15% off everything promos. In your Shop settings (Prices & Promos > Promo campaigns) you can flexibly determine when which campaign runs.

Success will be rewarded

If you sell lots of products in one month, we reduce the base price in seven successive sales tiers. This will automatically increase your income as the retail price stays the same.

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