Printing costs and print areas

The costs for one print area are already included in the base price. This applies to all print types offered in your Spreadshop: Whether digital printing, flex, flock or thermal printing — the first print area is always included.

If you or your customers want to create additional print areas on a product, they will be charged $5.50 / CAD 7.50 / AUD 8.50 per print area. These additional costs are simply added to the retail price and have no influence on how you earn your money. Your margin will stay the same.

Fair printing costs

It doesn’t matter how many designs or text elements a customer chooses to place in a print area. We only charge customers per print area, regardless of the number of designs on a single print area they customize. The only exception is: If your customer uses a paid community design in the Customize Tool of your Shop, these costs are added to the retail price the customer pays. But this won’t have an effect on your earnings.

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