This Is How Address Verification Works

Spreadshop offers a tremendous opportunity to spread your messages and make money with it. Unfortunately, facilitating this opportunity tends to invite rule breakers to commit unlawful acts. This is why we’re asking you to verify your address.

As long as you haven’t verified your address, we won’t be able to conduct any more payments. We may feel compelled to close your account.

When checking your data, we compare them to Google Maps data. Don’t worry, we won’t share your data with Google or any other third party. Ideally, you use the autofill function in the address field to help the system understand your address. This will be automatically switched on when you delete the “street” field completely.

But even Google doesn’t know every address there is, and this can lead to mistakes. It can get complicated in cases of regional amalgamation, name changes or address additions such as rear house or apartment number.

If your address couldn’t be verified – despite the fact that you’re sure it’s correct – please contact Customer Service. We’ll send a letter containing a verification code to you. Enter the code in your Partner Area in ”Personal data“ or scan the QR code you’ll also find in the letter to scan it more easily. Once you have verified your address with the code we’ve sent you, you‘re cleared for pay-outs again. You’ll also receive this kind of letter if we are worried about aspects of safety, i.e. when you generate high earnings to make sure nothing goes wrong.

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