Uploading and Clearance of Vector Graphics

We check every vector graphics design uploaded. This way, we make sure that there won’t be any issues when printing it later. This automated process usually just takes a moment. If a design does not meet the individual requirements for printing, we will adjust the design if possible. For example:

  • we remove pixel graphics from the design that have not been converted into paths
  • we scale designs to make them large enough to achieve the required line thickness
  • we make ambiguous colors clear
  • we close curves and reduce layers

In your Partner Area, we always ask you to either accept or reject the changes. This way, you are given the chance to edit the design before releasing it for sale.

When we have to reject your design for plotter printing

Despite automatic print optimization, there may be occasions when we have to reject a design for plotter printing. This may be for one of the following reasons:

  • The file has been corrupted
  • The design is a pixel graphic
  • The design contains fine lines ( < 1mm) and can’t be further enlarged (doesn’t apply to posters)
  • Lines are not completely converted into curves or curves are not closed
  • The design has too many anchor points or individual elements in the motif

In order to ensure that your vector design is not rejected, take a look at the Requirements for your artwork here.

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