Tax Form Information for US Partners

W-9 Form

IRS Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification, is used to get tax information from US persons and US business entities. The information provided on Form W-9 informs the company of what information to include in Form 1098 or Form 1099.

The W-9 Form requires a taxpayer to provide their name, address, tax classification, and withholding requirements. The Form must be signed, and the signing taxpayer is subject to civil and/or criminal penalties for willful non-compliance.

Withholding Based on Invalid TIN. The Internal Revenue Service (”IRS”) requires Spreadshirt to withhold a certain percentage of federal income tax if:

  • You do not provide a valid TIN; or
  • The IRS notifies us that your name and TIN do not match IRS records.

If the above applies to you, Spreadshirt is legally required to withhold at least 24% tax for US residents.

However, you may be able to reduce this tax withholding in whole or in part if you:

  • Provide a valid and accurate TIN; and
  • (b) Submit a completed and accurate Form W-9.

Please submit your complete and accurate W-9 form to

Although we provide fillable forms in Account > Tax status. The IRS also provides additional information, including instructions on how to fill out a W-9 Form, on its website: IRS Form W-9 Information.

1099 Form

The IRS 1099 Form is a year-end federal tax form that documents payments made by an individual or business that is not an employer.

If applicable, Spreadshirt will fill out a 1099-MISC Form for a Partner and provide an electronic copy to the Partner. Additionally, as required by law, Spreadshirt will also send a copy to the Internal Revenue Service (”IRS”) and/or State tax authorities. Most 1099 forms are required to be provided to Partner by January 31.

You may review additional information on IRS’s website here: IRS 1099-MISC Form.

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