Performance Bonus

If you sell a lot of products in your Shop, you’ll be rewarded with an extra share in the profits. The retail price stays the same, but by reducing the Base Price of the products you’re going to reveive a higher Margin. For this, the sales made in all of your stores registered in your account are added up.

There are seven sales tiers. Every product sold brings you one step closer to the next sales tier. When you reach a sales tier, all Base Prices in your Shop will be reduced. There are only a few product types that are excluded from the Performance Bonus when Base Prices can’t be reduced. This applies to products that are already very cheap, so that any further price reduction wouldn’t make sense economically. These include e.g. stickers.

Calculation and payment of your Performance Bonus

Your Performance Bonus will be settled along with your Shop sales per calendar month.

  • You will be paid for any articles marked “Shipped & Paid” in the month following your order.
  • Some orders made at the end of a month will only get the “Shipped & Paid” status by the 15th of the following month. This will still be retrospectively included in the initial month when we calculate your success level bonus. They will be paid out to you alongside the already “Shipped & Paid” orders from the following months.

More information on payments of your Performance Bonus can be found here.

Please note: Your remuneration is always subject to value added tax. Earnings need to be declared to tax authorities. Refer to the Taxation of Your Earnings FAQ for more info.

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