Using promo campaigns properly

The most effective way to increase your sales is to make use of promo campaigns. With discounts such as 15% off everything or free shipping, you're offering an extra incentive to buy. Decide for yourself if and when a discount is activated within a calendar month.

Flexible promo campaigns

You can set the start date for your promo campaigns individually for each of your Spreadshops. Click on the promo calendar to adjust the start date of a campaign (Edit Shop settings > Prices & promos > Promo campaigns). Change the start date of a discount promotion in a time window of up to 60 days by letting it start 30 days earlier or later. It is also possible to reorder your promos. Simply drag promos to rearrange and plan them earlier or later. If you don’t want to run a certain promo in your Shop, you can deactivate it at any time (even if it is already running).

Please note that multiple promo campaigns cannot run simultaneously. We may also block certain time slots occasionally. This is usually the case before Christmas, for example, when our production capacities don’t allow for any additional workload. It’s not possible to delay promo dates that have already started.

Turn followers into customers

Take advantage of discounts to increase traffic in your Shops. This will lure many (new) customers into your Shop. Share the discounts in your social networks and turn your followers into customers. Nobody knows your target audience better than you. Take advantage of your savvy insights when planning promos around important events, anniversaries or holidays. This way, you can boost the incentive to buy by offering discounts.

How are promos calculated?

The promo campaign Free shipping is paid completely out of Spreadshop's pocket. This promo has no influence on your commission. With all other discount actions, we share the costs. Of course, this only applies if your customers apply a promo to their purchase. You pay your share from your Margin. Spreadshop pays its share from the Base Price. A 15% discount would reduce your Margin by 15% for each item sold during the promo period. Spreadshop waives 15% of the Base Price.

Note: If you run your Shop as a non-profit Shop, you will not generate any income. In this case, we will of course not share the costs for discount campaigns.

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