Faster Product Creation with Templates

If you offer many products or specialize in certain target groups (i.e. kids), then the template feature can be a real time-saver. Recurring work steps can now be carried out more quickly. Selecting products and colours, as well as determining the size and position of your product’s design, are easily completed with a single click. By deactivating certain colour combinations, you can prevent dark designs from being ordered on dark products. Templates can be applied to individual products or several products.

This little tutorial demonstrates the feature:

Creating your own templates

Creating templates is especially recommended if you tend to offer individual designs on several products or different colour combinations. This is how you create templates:

  • Upload a design or select an existing one.
  • Select and add products types, and adjust the position and size of the design.
  • Click on the "Save as Template" button.
  • Give your template a fitting name (35 characters max.). You can use this for more designs in the future.
  • In total, you can save up to 10 templates.

Templates for dark and light designs

To prevent your customers from e.g. combining bright designs with white products and being unhappy with the print result, you can exclude certain colour combinations. Spreadshop has created two preset templates for light and dark designs:

  • Upload a design or select an existing one.
  • Click on the "Select template" button.
  • Click on "Apply" to select a template.

Need help with the Template feature?

Any questions on how templates work? We’ve put together this FAQ for you. And you can always get in touch with us! Just send an email to and tell us:

  • User ID
  • The gadget you use
  • Your operating system and version

What happens when I adjust my designs?

Adjustments to a design – e.g. when you change the size or its position on the product – have no effect on the design you initially uploaded.

New Products

New products are not automatically added to the templates – even if you have selected all products from the category (e.g. "Kids & Babies").

Vector Graphics

If you change the colour of your vector graphics when editing products, these changes won’t be automatically saved in your templates. These changes need to be made manually in the affected templates.

Special formats and product categories with limitations

Pixel graphics can’t be printed on all print areas or products, whereas vector graphics files can. This applies e.g. to the Men’s Breathable T-Shirt. This is why it’s important to pay attention to how you combine designs with products so they can be printed.

Designs that are suitable for poster printing are automatically recognized by our system as posters based on their file properties. The image format may be quite big. Unfortunately, since the template function cannot be applied to poster printing, you won’t be able to create a template based on poster designs. Of course, you can use your design on other products and apply it to templates that you already created.

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