Setting up a Spreadshop Start Page

We’re going to show you how you can customise the start page of your Shop and make it more attractive for your target groups. With just a few clicks, you can create a start page to help you really own your e-commerce business.

Check out this tutorial for more insights:

All the features described below can be activated, adjusted or deactivated individually.


TheTeaser is the start page element that first catches your customer’s eye – be sure to put it to good use. Make them curious about the style of your products. Tell them something about your designs, and bring your products in line with your target group. Make use of these elements to generate maximum attention: Come up with a fitting headline, add a short description, and upload a teaser graphic that makes people curious for more. Write a custom button text to lure your customers into a specific area of your Shop.

With a resolution of 1400 x 400 pixels, the teaser graphic offers you enough space for the desktop view. On mobile devices, however, the teaser graphic won't be scaled but cut off. If you are still undecided or do not have a suitable image at hand, we have put together a selection of different themes for you. You can also find more pictures on unsplash.


The Header is your communication center and located just above the teaser. Here you can add your social media channels and activate the search field for your Shop, depending on whether you want the full feature set or go for a more minimalist look. In the logo area, you can either have your Shop’s name displayed or you can upload a logo graphic. Use vector graphics or pixel graphics with a resolution of 380 x 68 pixels. The settings can be found in Page Settings > Header.

Product Preview

In the Product Preview, you can present a selection of your products in a prominent way to offer your customers a bigger incentive to buy. Use the Product Preview to point out upcoming seasonal event that people will want to buy gifts for. You can freely arrange and sort the articles on display: Page Settings > Product List Page > Arrange Items. To use this feature, you need at least five products in your Shop. The first five products or designs are then displayed in the desktop view, with the first six designs viewable in the mobile view.

The product preview is designed to present your items on products. Please be sure to activate your start page’s product view so customers can sort through products. If you want to use the product preview for showing off your designs, you need to employ a little trick: Go to Page Settings > Product List Page >Show on start page to enable the product view and sort your items. Then make sure you switch back to the design view. Your settings will be preserved and your designs will be presented the way you want them to be shown.


Displaying your product range gives your customers a good impression at first glance. Show up to four product categories in total with our photo options. You have the choice between our design and product photos, neutral model photos and our exclusive "mood pictures" that show the products lifelike.

Show off your product range with the twelve best-selling Spreadshop categories. Please make sure you’ve activated these categories for your Spreadshop. It’s worth adding several product types of a product category to your range. If you sell e.g. women's T-shirts, don’t just take the standard model or the premium tee. Also add V-necks, round necks and other items to your selection.


While you’ll focus on individual products in the product preview, you can show the whole range of your designs when applying themes. This doesn’t only give your Shop a more clear-cut look, but you can also advertise several products at once through your social media channels. Your topics can be set up in Page Settings > Topics. The order of your designs can be changed in Page Settings > Product List Page > Arrange Items.

About the Shop

Make use of the About the Shop section to say more about yourself and your brand. Upload an image (664 x 400 Pixel) that’s a good fit for your brand. You can also integrate a video from platforms like Youtube, Vimeo or Twitch.

Trust Elements

Trust Elements show your customers that they are in good hands when they opt for your brand and Spreadshop. Evoke trust by showing that we take care of the printing and shipping of your products.

All graphic resolutions at a glance

You can use the following file formats to upload your image files: JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, ICO.

  Resolution in pixels
Teaser graphic 1400 x 400
Header graphic 380 x 68
About the Shop 664 x 400

Please note that the start page is only offered in one language at a time and that the contents won’t be translated. This is an important consideration for you if you run your Shop in different languages.

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