Install WordPress Plugin

The WordPress plugin helps you tie in your Spreadshop with any Wordpress website. This increases the range of your Spreadshop and you have everything in one place: Your Spreadshop, your followers, your customers.

How do I install the plugin?

  • Download the *.zip file of the plugin at Wordpress
  • Open the Plugin Menu in your WordPress Dashboard
  • Upload the *.zip file to your content folder
  • Then activate the plugin

Where can I find my Shop ID?

Your Shop ID can be found in your Shop Settings at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Which URL do I enter in the form?

Please enter the domain URL of the page where your shop should be loaded. In this example, the page is called “shop”:

Please note that this URL needs to be entered in your Shop Settings: Advanced Settings > Embed Shop in Website. You’ll activate redirecting this way.

What platform am I on?

Depending on the domain you registered, your Shop either runs on our European or North American platform. The following table shows you on which platform your Shop is located:

Belgium FR (*.be/fr) Australia (*
Belgium NL (*.be/nl) Canada (*.ca)
Denmark (*.dk) Canada FR (*.ca/fr)
Germany (*.de) United States (*.com)
Finland (*.fi)
France (*.fr)
Ireland (*.ie)
Italy (*.it)
Netherlands (*.nl)
Norway (*.no)
Austria (*.at)
Poland (*.pl)
Sweden (*.se)
Switzerland (*.ch)
Switzerland FR (*.ch/fr)
Switzerland IT (*.ch/it)
Spain (*.es)
United Kingdom (*

What is the "startToken" and the metadata function?

The startToken lets you turn any page from your Shop into a WordPress home page — no matter if it is a detail page, topics overview or list view.

Also, the Spreadshop plugin automatically transfers all relevant SEO metadata into the header of your website. This includes the title, description, SEO index, Open Graph and Twitter Card tags. If you deactivate this option, only the metadata of your WordPress page will be used.

How do I use the language settings?

The language settings of your plugin can be found under "Settings" > "Advanced" > "Language". If you’ve activated the “Activate all languages” toggle, you can select any language and currency for your integrated Shop. And if you don’t specify anything, your Shop’s default settings will be used.

What's a Swipe menu?

If your WordPress page offers a burger menu for mobile pages, you should enable this setting. This will create a flexible navigation menu for mobile devices when navigating your Shop. Not activating this option may result in having two burger menus on mobile devices.

What happens if I deactivate or uninstall the plugin?

Deactivate: If you deactivate the plugin, redirecting to your website from your Shop will no longer be in place. Your shop will then no longer be available within your WordPress domain. But your shop can still be accessed on your shop domain (

Uninstall: Once uninstalled, the plugin’s functionality will be no longer available. Delete the "Wordpress-Plugin" in the menu item "Plugins" in your Wordpress account.

Where can I get more help with Shop and WordPress?

We have set up a forum on both of our European and North American platform. You’ll meet lots of like-minded people there and get expert help from Shop Owners and our moderators.

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